JZJ2S Roots-Water Ring Vacuum System

JZJ2S Roots-Water Ring Vacuum System uses ZJ roots vacuum pump as the main pump and two stage water ring pump or roots-water ring pump units as the backing pump. So it is characterized by high pumping speed, high vacuum and reliable operation. It is suitable for sucking gases containing plenty of water vapour and condensable gases in chemical industry. For example, vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, crystal, drying etc.

When using oil as the working medium of the backing pump, the ultimate vacuum degree of roots vacuum units can be effectively improved (see the parameter table). Roots oil ring vacuum units are closed circulation system, so it can avoid pollution and save water. Roots oil ring vacuum units are widely used in vacuum soakage, vacuum drying, vacuum gas removing etc.

JZJ2S series vacuum units use 2SK as the backing pump, so it is low efficiency compared with JZJ2B roots vacuum units. Furthermore, 2SK series two stage water ring vacuum pump has disadvantages of compact structure and difficult maintenance. In the future, JZJ2S may be replaced by JZJ2B.

The meaning of model number:

Take JZJ2S1200-4.2 for example: The first letter J stands for the vacuum units. ZJ tells the main pump is ZJ series roots vacuum pump. 2S is saying that the backing pump is 2SK series two stage water/liquid ring vacuum pump. 1200 refers to the pumping speed of the main pump(1200L/S). 4.2 is the pumping speed ratio (that is, the ratio of the main pump and second stage pump is 4, of the second pump and fore pump is 2).
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