2BEC series Water-Ring Vacuum Pumps/Compressors

1.Application range and characteristics:

  2BE series water ring vacuum pumps and compressors are the high efficiency energy saving products of our company. It is produced on the foundation of scientific research achievements and production experience for many years, and combined with the advanced technology of import products. It is usually used to pump the gases without small solid granules, and gases that doesn't dissolve in water, and noncorrosive gases, so as to form the vacuum and pressure in the closed container. By changing the structural material, it is also available in aspirating corrosive gas or using the corrosive liquid as the operating liquid. So it is used extensively in many trades such as papermaking, chemical industry, petrol chemical industry, light industry, pharmacy, foodstuff, metallurgy and construction materials, stone implement, coal washing, ore dressing and chemical fertilizer etc..

  This series pump is single stage and single acting. It is simply structured and convenient to maintain. It is energy saving and can run stably.Compared with the widely used SK, 2SK and SZ series water ring vacuum pump in China, the 2BE series pump possesses the notable merits such as the high vacuum degree and the low power consumption etc.. And it is the ideal replacement product of SK, 2SK and SZ series water ring type vacuum pump.

  2BE series water ring vacuum pump assembles with gas-water seperator and is easy to install, operate and maintain.

2.The meaning of model number
Take 2BEC-303-0 for example
2BEC refers to single stage water ring vacuum pump series.
30 tells the the nominal semidiameter of the impeller is 30cm.
3 is the ratio code of the impeller width and diameter. We can easily see that the ratio is 1 according to the formula below.
The last number 0 stands for the min suction pressure is 33mbar.(when the number is 1, it refers to the min suction pressure is 160mbar)

The cost of introducing:
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