YNJ tubing screw-on machine

Date: 03 Jun 2009
Hydraulic screw-on machine is made up of three main parts,which are a host,a hydraulic
efficiency power unit, a manoeuvring platform.It is a horizontal set of equipment linked by the high-pressure hose and cables together indoor.And it is applicable to screw on and off the
cylindrical screw thread fastener specially ,the defueling pump, the electric submersible pump,the tubing, the pumping rod, the packer and so on.The screw-on machine is reliably staggered hyperboloid chucking structure,as hydraulic drive,balanced transmission, two-speed transmission, hydraulic control,discretionary adaptation for torque, safety and reliability.The series are the ideal equipments for screwing on and off the cylindrical screw thread fastener. 
Note: according to the needs of users,we can install a torque displayer and a printer.
There are manual (be controlled by the shuttle valve), semi-automatic ( be controlled by PLC) and automatic (be controlled by IPC) operational methods.The stuctures of screw-machine are split system and all-in-one system.
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