Screw Machine(XYNJ Series )

Date: 03 Jun 2009
XYNJ- screw machine is our screw-machineⅡseries product.The whole machine consists of two parts. 
First, the host is made up of master tongs,,back tongs ,a platform,a hydraulic system, a fuel tank,  a radiator. Master tongs and back tongs are epicyclic gear and epicyclic claw four point chucking structure.. The advantage of this structure is flexible in action, safe and reliable, high-efficient .It is used in national major oil fields widely.We researched and developed hydraulic automatic shift device,and then applied for National Patent.Because the screw machine can be operated by only one person ,it increases working efficiency and reduces the cost of production. According to the actual difierent length of the tubes ,back tongs whose speed can be self-operated control are shuttled in the slideway.  
Second, the platform is composed of electric appliance elements,and the safe voltage is 24-volt DC.  
Note: according to the needs of users,we can install a torque displayer and a printer.
There are manual (be controlled by the shuttle valve), semi-automatic ( be controlled by PLC) and automatic (be controlled by IPC) operational methods.The stuctures of screw-machine are split system and all-in-one system.
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