Date: 03 Jun 2009
     PJG-90/4 pumping rod joint screw machine is our special device of make-and-break pumping rod joint.The whole machine consists of two parts.  
    First, the host is made up of master tongs,back tongs ,a platform,a hydraulic system, a fuel tank,  a radiator.Master tongs are epicyclic gear and epicyclic claw three point chucking structure.. The back tongs are drived by the motor which rotates two-way stem. It completes clamping and loosening the head of back tongs.The advantage of this structure is flexible in action, safe and reliable, high-efficient .It is used in national major oil fields widely.We researched and developed hydraulic automatic shift device,and then applied for National Patent.Because the screw machine can be operated by only one person ,it increases working efficiency and reduces the cost of production. According to the actual difierent lengths of the tubes ,back tongs whose speed can be self-operated control are shuttled in the slideway.  
    Second, the platform is composed of electric appliance elements,and the safe voltage is 24-volt DC.  (There is a hydraulic directional control valve in Hand-Over-System . According to the needs of users,we can install torque displayer PLCand IPC.) 
2Technical parameters 
(1) Applicable diameters scope for pumping rodΦ16—Φ40 mm
(2) Applicable length for pumping rod: 7.2—9.5m;
(3) Master tongs torque high gear 3.8KN. m low gear 13.8 KN. m
(4) Hydraulic System Working Pressure 3—5 Mpa
(5) Master tongs working pressure  1.5—2 Mpa ;
(6)Back tongs working pressure  3—5Mpa;
(7) Shift-Up pressure 1—2 Mpa
(8) Maximum flow 78L/min; 
3Usage Instructions    
A) Before start the machine, you should power on ,affirm that the ammeter and the voltmeter are normal.For example ,if too low voltage(below 360V),you should stop the machine and check that whether the power wires are open phase.
B) After powering on normally(except manual reverse rod),firstly switch electromagnetic relief valve on (starting and stoping the machine).After the machine work normally,it is time to get ready to work.(If the temperature is too low in winter, the machine should idle for a few minutes and close switcher boost (electromagnetic relief valve).
C)According to the routine operation formerly, the direction of tubing coupling(the drive line must be in the middle of the hole of the binding clip)should be from the back-up tongs to the head of the master tongs.First of all ,the pipe joint should be cliped through the master tongs.In order to make-and-break rotary , clamp by the back-up tongs , and then clamp by the master tongs.(The correct direction of the epicyclic claw is that the pipe climbing up . After completing a program, the maste tongs turn around for one time in the opposite direction,( open vents) and then open the back-up tongs.Waiting for the master tongs and the back-up tongs loosening completely and coming back to the center position,it is ready to do the next work. 
D) In principle you shlud choose high voltage (5 Mpa generally). Because the difference from new and old pipes here and there and the different demands,you can increase the voltage (The most economic voltage is 5-8 Mpa). During operation you can switch between high voltage and low voltage anytime.After finishing the operation in low voltage (old pipes) ,it can switch to the high voltage immediately(increasing production efficiency).
E).If sometimes shift impediently during operation, the problem may be that the gear and the gear backlash don’t bring together mainly.At the time master tongs budge to the opposite direction,just shift out.In order not to disconnect the gear ,you may fix shift-turn-knob on the gear that you want,which don’t affect other hydraulic circuit.
F) Because of the different links in the production chain,it is possible to await materials during regular work.A t this moment the machine can idle.If awaiting materials too long,it is better to power off,as cooling down the oil temperature and saving electric energy.In conditional field,it is better to adopt cool circle to keep the proper oil temperature for regular work (5°--55°±5°).
4Maintenance and Repairing 
1)Please keep the jaws clean everyday.If there are many oil stain and other dirty
things,they will affect the result of using at last,and also will scratch the   surface of the pipes. 
2)There are two reasons that the epicyclic claw isn’t flexible and doesn’t come out sometimes.First, when the tube goes into the machine, the epicyclic claw doesn’t come back. Then it will appear high and low and be held back when coming back as soon as it bumps badly.Second, the friction liningsare worn badly, the pressure plate spring is disabled.The spring can precess properly, or you can change the friction linings and the pressure plate spring necessarily.Make sure that keep the friction linings clean when changing them.Don’t spot oil stains,otherwise the epicyclic claw will be disabled.When adjusting the pressure plate spring, just make sure the epicyclic claw can come in and out freely.Don’t be too tight, so as not to impact the live time. 
3)The jaws) of the machine can be uesd four times.Because it always works with one type of pipes,the frictional part only focus on a point and other parts are in good shape.Until the jaws can never work, you could screw off the bolt on the jaws,tap out the dowel,transpose the jaws by180= and screw it on again.At the time,just change only one dowel(after transposing the direction, there is only one hole in the jaws.)In addition the master tongs and the back-up tongs can be exchanged,namely,the jaws make towards the back-up tongs after the master tongs were exchanged two times.(because of different pipe diameters)By the way,when you exchange the jaws,please don’t take down other spare parts,just hold out the epicyclic claw.
4)If the machine runs quaveringly  too long, sometimes the connection(solenoid valve) will be loose or the oil seal will leak.In these situations, please screw or exchange a new oil seal immediately and aperiodically look over the box of the solenoid valve , keep its internal clean and  make the electrical plug safe lest loose contact . For example, a electrical plug is loose, the electromotion becomes invalidated.The reason isn’t only hydrolics failure,but also the damaged electrical plug .Just change the same type (DC 24 V).
5)Please keep hydraulic oil clean,prevent water from infiltering the oil box.Once the oil has contained water,the oil will be emulsified.It will make a impact on the machine,such as a loud noise . In such case , you should change the oil.If normal working indoor, you should choose YA-N46 common economical hydraulic oil .Its working life is 3-4 years,If the pump work with a loud sudden noise after a time, you should open the fuel tank cap ,screw off the oil strainer and washing it.(It means that there are too many well cuts.)
6)The gear of the mechanism,the sliding bearing and the rolling shaft should infect oil  aperiodically ,so as to keep the gadgets normal in working life. 
7)It is normal to be wear and tear on the working parts( such as electric appliances,pipelines,gears and valve body.But pliers are in direct proportion to the production and proper operation (about 2000~3000 times per piece).Please change the frictional plate and the brake sheet steel momentarily in the event that they don`t meet the demands(because the frictional plate is too thin.) 
8)When the master tongs and the back-up tongs must be taken down,please notice that the slidable needle roller of the master tongs’ head should not be losen,and  the direction of commutating tooth of epicyclic gear should not be changed(There is a mark of the center-punching in the direction of every commutating tooth.Otherwise it will cause different angles after extended.) 
5Other statements 
1) The instruction applys to PJG-90/4 manual and automatic screw machine,also applys to the other screw machine. 
2) If our clients have other demands,please contact with us in advance. So that we can provide better service to you.
3) The equipment is improving and developing.If there is at variance with the instruction in practice,you should deal with the problems on the basis of concrete practice after improving the equipment. 
4) The equipment sales in one year with a free service guarantee (with the exception of normal wear and tear)and with a lifetime service.
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