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Date: 27 Aug 2010
L&A specialized in various liners for a long time. Products adopt advanced process with steady reliable quality, conforming to API spec .7k.

The advantage of ceramic liners are as follows:

*  The ceramic liners can not only adapted to some tough environment such as deep oil reservoir,

hard stratum and severe earthiness, but also can be used for offshore oil and natural gas exploitation as well.

Compared with bi-metal liner, the service life of ”HC” ceramic liner is 5-10 times higher. Its maximum and minimum service life can reach more than 4000 and 2000 hours respecticely.

*  The Zirconia ceramic liner which has used the phase transformation toughen technology has various advantages such as wear-resistance, erosion-resistance, high-pressure-resistance, high-temperature-resistance, high strength and high hardness.

*  The cost of shipment, maintenance, labor and storage in the drilling works can be reduced.

Compared with the alumina liners, the Zirconia liners have better toughness properties and have longer service life. It can also reduce piston wear and water consumption for lubrication
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