Pumping units fitting (Crank Cotter Pin)

Date: 13 Jul 2009
Crank Cotter Pin Assembly (Patent No. 2005200306278)
Beam Pump is one of the most important oil pumping equipments. And Crank Cotter Pin is the main transmission component of beam pumper. It is the drive interface of crank and link, which undertakes huge alternate load. Therefore, it can easily cause the nut loosing. It is reported that approximate every 72 hours, the nuts should be tied up by manual work. Otherwise, it has the possibility to turn the pumping unit over.
To solve this problem, we make improvement on the nuts on the basis of Crank Cotter Pin. We take obverse-reverse buckle nut interact principle, and add cushions in. This effectively prevents the nuts falling off.
For your need, we can supply Retainer Crank Cotter Pin Assembly suitable to any kind of pumping unit.
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