Pony Rod, Piston Rod, Sub Rod, Clamp

Date: 29 Jul 2009
OEE offers Pony Rods, Piston Rods and Clamps to meet today's tough oilfield requirements. Pony Rods These Pony Rods incorporate the longer wearing surface(chrome-plated) to provide the best Pony Rod for your Triplex or Duplex pump. Sub Rods: Our sub rods are manufactured to exacting standards to meet today is tough oilfield equirements,available for a wide range of mud pumps. Piston Rods for Crosshead: OEE can supply you two kinds of pison rod,which is Piston Rod for Triplex Mud Pump and Piston Rod for Duplex Mud Pump. Piston Rods for Triplex Mud Pumps are manufactured from high quality alloy steel. Surface is induction hardened for maximum case hardness and core strength - hard on the outside, tough on the inside. Precision ground mirror surfaces meet rigid quality control standards and minimize wear. Piston Rods for Duplex Mud Pumps all use high quality Grayloy material. This corrosion-resistant, high-density, long-wearing surface results in fewer packing changes and longer life for gland bushings and junk rings. OEE rods are furnished with a heavy duty Piston Lock Nut.
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Jinan Tianwei Innovation Oilfield Equipment Enterprise(OEE)
No.13 Shunshi Road,Jinan City Shandong,China[250002]
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