Hydraulic Tubing Anchor(DGM-114B)

Date: 30 Jun 2009
 Alike "DGM" tubing anchor, this tubing anchor is a tool that integrates anchored function and oil drainage function as a whole. It is novel and compact in structure, convenient in operating, reliable in anchoring especially in releasing, of large drainage area and anti-seize function. It is able to decrease stroke loss and raise pump efficiency, which is applicable to anchor conventional oil-well pump and rotary screw pump in vertical well, inclined well and directional well.     
    When anchoring the conventional oil-well pump, set this tubing anchor above the pump. While anchoring rotary screw pump, set the tubing anchor and the kits under the pump. After the tubing set down, add stated hydraulic pressure into the tubing according to provision and make tubing anchor anchored. On pump inspection, pick up the tubing, and when extraneous force overruns the stated value, release the anchor. At the same time, drainage passage is opened to realize oil drain.

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