HNA mud pump fluid end parts

Date: 21 Aug 2009
Our Products are designed to fit mud pumps of Emsco, Gardner- Denver, National, Oilwell, Ideco, Skytop/Brewester, as well as OPI, Wirth, Wilson and Gaso. Our products include Liners: Hy- chrome Mud Pump Liner, chrome-plated Liner, Hardened Steel Liner Valve and seat: Premium Cross Arms Valve and seat, Full open Valve and seat, Valve Spring Piston and piston rods; Long-life Bonded Piston with Rubber and Fabric, Long-Life bonded Piston with Urethane, Replacement Piston, Piston Hub, Piston Rod, Plate, Snap Ring Other parts: Crosshead, Upper and Lower Crosshead Guide, Extension Rod, Piston Rod Clamp, Threaded Ring, Linder End Cover, Valve Pot Cover, Valve Guide, Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head Plug, Cap, Linder Seal, Valve Cover Gasket, Cylinder Head Gasket and etc. Mud pumps: We can offer the F-650,F-800,F-1000,F-1300,F-1600 and PZ-9 mud pump.
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Qingdao HNA Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing Co.,LTD
No 39 xinghe road,Industrial zone,Lancun Town[266232]
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