Progressing Cavity Pump


  Suitable for sucking high viscosity fluid and solids-laden fluid.

   Hardly gas locking, breakdown of emulsion.

   The pumping process is continuous and stable .

   Suitable for vertical、deviating、horizontal well, specially suitable for the well which has the sucker rod scrubbed the tube.

   No sucker rod, which could eliminate the loss caused by the scrubbing of the tube.

   Save energy compared with the sucker rod pump.

Technical index:

  Capacity:10~150 m3/d

   Head:Max 1800 m

   Temperature rating of pump:≤150 ℃
The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Sinotai Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd
NO.69 of Dengzhou Road Dongying Shandong China[0]
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