Oil-gas separating composite pump

The enterprise first using oil-gas separating composite pump in China, and possesses its unique merit: For oil-gas separation, a double float oil-gas separator together with 180-mesh stainless filtering screen is used, giving a compact structure. The Volume for oil-gas separation is large and separation is complete. Flows are divided into two types: 50L/min and 90L/min. However the outer dimensions of the blades are the same. The largest horizontal delivery distance may reach 50m, which is the first among dispensers with incorporated pump structure. Compared with other blade pumps in China, there is no spring reeds in it, the blade is made from special material, connecting pump body tightly depend on deadweight and centrifugal force. Spring reeds are canceled by to reduce fault rate, to prolong its life and to improve degree of reliability. The number of blades used is double of that used in blade pumps currently used in existing domestie blade pumps, to reduce noise and vibration.
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Shanghai Zhongyi Petroleum Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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