5DYB series five plungers reciprocating oil pump

5DSB, 5DYB series five-plunger reciprocating pump is a serial product newly researched into and developed by our company. It just provides a new energy-saving product for the development
of the northwest China and prosperity of our petroleum industry. It is a reliable and ideal oil delivery equipment for oil field long-distance gather & delivery pump station, It is another reliable and reliable and ideal equipment for oil field extraction large delivery capacity high pressure flooding..
This serial product has the features as advanced design, novel and pleasing model, compact structure, smooth running, fine reliability, low noise, high pump efficacy, low energy loss, easy operation, repair and maintenance and so forth.
This serial product can be allocated with explosion-proof motor according to the client’s requirements. It can also be firstly matched with frequency modulation motor, governor motor, anti-corrosive pump casing etc.

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