3P series three plungers reciprocating high-pressure pump

3P series three plunger reciprocating high-pressure pump is widely used in the industrial departments of hydraopress,hydraulicpress,high-pressure cleaning machine,hydraulic cutting machine,mining water-supply,fodstuff of light industry,petrochemicals,oil field high=pressure waterfollding ect.all with the transmission of high-pressure midium.

The series products are characterized with advanced desigh,compart stucture,small-sized.body,high efficiency,smooth and reliable running,convenience in operation and service,exquisite manufacturing and attractive appearance.

This series is divided into clearwter pump,sump pump and copper hydraulic pumpetc., can select to epuip explosion-proof and adjustabl-spedd motors of with eiectric control cabinet accoding to the demends of user, and we desingn,research,develop plunger reciprocating pumps with non-3P-series parmeters to meet usres`requirement.

This seies pump is consisted wiht power aprt,hydraulic power part and transmission part with motosr,the complete sets are installed on a whole base, hte pump body is desined symmetrically,there are inlet and outlet both at two ends,it is convenient for wire and tubes desing and installation,the pump is equipped with conical surface sealing-spring type safety valve and flow pulsaling stabilizer(accumulator).
It is characterized with the merits of compact structure,small body,high efficiency,beautiful appreance,sumooth and reliable running,convenience in operating and service and easy for moving.

This series is equipped the electric contol cabinet with the multi-functions of protection of overoltage,overloding, open-phase,under-voltage and staring, stop as well as pressure supervising and controlling on inlet and outlet of the pump

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