NF-500 Mud Pump

1、Power end features
Continuous tooth herringbone gear. One-piece alloy steel crank. Renewable crosshead guide. The frame is made of welded steel plate to provide the frame with high strength, good rigidity and lightweight. The extension rod packing is of duplex seal structure to provide the good seal result. The power end uses the combined lubrication system of forced lubrication and splash lubrication.
The crankshaft is made of cast alloy steel and is furnished with big geared ring, connecting rod and bearing. The tooth form of the big-geared ring is herringbone gear. The gear bore and the crankshaft surface is interference fitted and they are both fastened with bolts and lock nuts. The big end of the connecting rod is mounted on three eccentric straps of the crankshaft through single row short cylindrical roller bearings and the small end on the crosshead pin through double row long cylindrical roller bearing. Double row radial spherical roller bearings are mounted at both ends of the crankshaft.
Cylinders are made of forged alloy steel. Three cylinders of each pump are interchangeable. Valve-over-valve (through type cylinder) design reduces the cylinder volume and promotes the volumetric efficiency. At customers’ request, the cylinder surface may be nickel plated to improve the abrasion resistance.
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Qingneng (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd
East of the Third Ring Road, Fengtai Distric, Beijing City[100000]
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