Beam Pump

The series pumping unit is designed and evolved on the base of conventional pumping unit, it not only maintains the advantages of simple structure, reliability, easy operation and repair, etc. but also has the advantages of steady running, small additional moving load, long stroke length, low consumption and high comprehensive efficiency. It is the advanced and ideal drilling rig. The kind of pumping unit applies perfectly to drill the crude oil of middle and low viscosity, and to drill the crude oil of high watery. Regarding as the horizontal well, inclined hole and crude oil well of thickness which are difficult to drill on the normal condition of working, we could adjust upward the specification of the motor and gear reducer, and decrease the stroke frequency for drilling. Our instruction provides the structure, performance, installation, adjustment, operation regulation, lubrication and maintenance. Please operate the units under the operation regulations strictly and make serious selection and adjustment according to the well conditions.
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Tianjin Ring-Top Petroleum Manufacture Co., Ltd
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