pump for liquid under(GJ-type )

Date: 17 Jul 2009
pump for liquid under the working principle and features: GJ-for single verticalsuction pump to pump liquid applied to mine oil, metallurgy, construction, transportation and environmental protection industries mud, pulp, waste water, as well as with this A similar liquid. As the liquid under the pump-type device that is able to seal the need to ensure normal work, without replacement, maintenance of equipment trouble seal, reducing maintenance downtime, the work of the pump when the axial force to balance the weight of the rotor to significant improvements in working conditions bearings To reduce the power loss. To make a corresponding increase in pump efficiency.
Installation, use, maintenance, maintenance
1, the pump installed in general through the rings bearing a fixed shelf. If the changes in the surface area was small, and it can pump installed in the base.
 2, the upper part of lithium-based lubricant into the bearing grease, into the lower part of the bearing oil # 20.
3, each running 10 to 15 days added a lubricating oil (grease).
4, check the seal packing seals, such as too loose, should be pressed gland packing every month to run, the old should fill out a new packing.
5, the pump stopped in the winter for a longer time, measures should be taken to avoid damage due to the freezing of liquid items Pump.
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