Rod Pump

Date: 05 Jan 2010
Detailed Product Description:

Rod Pump

Rod pump is also referred to as "insert pump" as its plunger is attached tok and moves up and down with the sucker rod string .It issuitable for reducing the time of workover for deep well as it is not neccessary to pull all the tubing out of the well hole when checking the pump, which makes the operation quicker and the service life of tubing longer.The rodpump is in a state of "free hanging",so it is suitable for deviated wells. According to seating mode ,the rod pump can be divided into two types:cup hold-down and mechanical hold-down. According to anchored position, the pump can be divided into to hold-down pumps and bottom hold-down pumps which include stationary barrel and traveling barrel types.

Stationary Heavy Wall Barrel Top Anchor Mech.

Accordance with API SPEC 11B standard, and have the certificate of authority to use the official API monogram.

1.Hold-down Rod Pump RHAM

Stationary Heavy Wall Top Anchor Cup Hold-down Rod Pump RHAC
The top anchored pump with stationary barrel is suitable for sand production well since the fluid discharged from the guide cage washes away the sand between tubing and the top of the pump. But, the pump barrel is more subject to inside pressure and tensile load caused by the fluid column,and the plunger clearance will intend to increase during upstroke so the top anchored pumps are not recommended in deep wells.

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