QN-800 Mud Pumps

Date: 12 Jan 2010

a. Max single spare part weight is no more than 2t(4400lbs)which is a large convenient for helicopter transportation for located in jungle areas.
b. The pinion shaft id herringbone gear, which means high strength and long service life.
c. The main bearing carrier are closed annular type, the oil reservoir lies below to lower the pump gravity center, which improves pump stability.
d. Crankshaft combines casting shaft with eccentric cam. The casting shaft is forged from alloy steel and the eccentric cam cast from alloy steel. It can with stand higher load.
e. The power end utilizes the combination of splash lubrication and forced lubrication.
f. Vertical fluid cylinders, fluid flowing smoothly.
g. The liner and piston uses force spray cooling to prolong the service life
h. API #7 is used in valve assembly. The valve hole processes by roll to prolong the service life

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