Pipeline pumps

Date: 23 Sep 2009

The Company also acts as a distributor of pumps following products:

ISG, IRG, IHG, YG, IHGB, ISW-based pipeline centrifugal pump
GDL Vertical Multistage Pipeline Pump
Diaphragm-type pneumatic QBY
DBY electric diaphragm pumps
FS-type glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal pump
WSY, FSY-type glass fiber reinforced plastic liquid pump
CYZ-A Self-suction centrifugal pumps
ZH-100A hand metering pumps
QYZ car-type self-priming pump
YHCB type, BCB arc gear pump-type garden
KCB Type Gear Pump
CYB-type heavy oil gear pump
Java-based pump ZYB


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