Date: 14 Aug 2009
Brief Introduction
 Type RY air-cooled hot oil pump is the energy conservation production designed and manufactured on the standard GB5662.
 With scientific construction and fine capacity, it is used in transporting high temperature liquid without solid particles. And the degree of corrosing resisting and working temperature is depended on the material of the main parts which connected with the medium.(The material consists of three kinds:1.HT200;2.ZG230-450;3,1Cr18N8-9Ti,OCr18N8912Mo2Ti).
Application Scope
 1、Petro-chemical Industry
 2、Oil Industry
 3、Synthetic-fibre Industry
 4、Textile Dyeing And Printing Industry
 5、Plastic And Rubber Industry
 6、Papermaking Industry
 7、Timber Processing Industry
 8、Construction Industry
 Besides the above fields the pumps are also proper in machinery manufacruring,food processing,Medicine making and the circling system for oil supplying of the hot oil boiler , the circling system of the heating installation.
Performance Scope of RY Hot Oil Pump
 1、Capacity : 1-500m3/h;
 2、Delivery lift : 10-125m;
 3、Temperature : -20。C-350。C;
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