Sichuan Kunlun Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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Sichuan Kunlun Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., KPEM as shortened, is a large enterprise specialized in design, fabrication, assembly, packaging, marketing and service of petroleum drilling and production equipment.  Established in May 2005, KPEM head office is located in East Xindu Industrial Park in Chengdu, Sichuan.
KPEM is mainly engaged in production of 750hp to 3000hp, offshore and onshore (desert, mountain, marshland, shoal and other terrains) drilling rig ( including mechanical rig, DC rig, AC VFD rig and electromechanical rig) and rig components such as mast, substructure, drawworks, crown block, traveling block, hook, swivel, rotary table and mud pump.
Exploiting its capability and strength, KPEM is the first to borrow ship-building painting and assembly process in rig manufacturing and is the developer of the first module rig, the first simultaneously lifting mast & substructure, the first integral intelligent doghouse, the first single-shaft drawworks, the first DC dynamic digital control VF transmission system and the first "tower type" cluster well drill floor (adoptable by offshore drilling).  Its innovations have not only realized the rig design philosophy of Human First, but also significantly improved the efficiency of the equipment.
KPEM constantly pursues the goal of "build KPEM into a first-grade petroleum equipment manufacturer in China and win international reputation", the philosophy of "Human first, operating lawfully and decently, being innovative and strong execution" and the quality policy of "Quality the lifeline, good faith service, continuous improvement and being client-oriented".  So far KPEM has a first-grade workforce for R&D, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale service.  KPEM values the achievements, capability and integrity of the employees and so attracts many talents.  Among 250 employees, there are 10 people of advanced certification and 68 people of intermediate certification; there are 12 people having postgraduate diploma and 87 people having college diploma; there are 6 people with Grade 8 Certificate for English, 3 people with Grade 8 certificate for Russian and 17 people with CET Grade 6 certificate.
KPEM constantly improves company development planning.  Following the strategy of "Focusing on domestic onshore and offshore petroleum equipment market but being globe-oriented", KPEM enhances design and marketing to form "dumbbell" type operating mode.  To guarantee product quality, KPEM set up quality assurance system in compliance with ISO9001:2000 and API standard.  Product and service quality meet world advance level.  KPEM sticks to the marketing policy of "Market the most important, customer first, good faith service and quality the lifeline" and service strategy of "offering regular service, random checking, spare part supply and personnel training".  So far KPEM has set up a marketing and service network covering major oil fields in China and sales and service center i
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39, Baiyun Road, East Xindu Industrial Park, Sichuan, P. R. China[610500]
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