Jianhu Yuejian Petroleum machinery Factory

Create: 27 Nov 2009     Update: 27 Nov 2009
We are in Jianhu Jiangsu, the place known as the Water Village.

Our main production are various models of oilfield mud pump accessories, B-large pair of pliers ,  Exclusive power clamp accessories of workover car .
Our products has sales network in all major oilfields of the country.  F-type pump accessories Exported to many countries, and recognized by the clients.

All  Products meet the standard  GB - T1900 - 1994ITD ,  ISO9000 : 1994 ).
We received ABI international quality certification permission in 2008.
In addition, we also accept our customers all kinds of machinery industry processing business,  ensure the quality efficiency, welcomed the call negotiations.
We always adhere to quality as a fundamental to the credibility of development,  off I win-win principle.  Is willing to create new and old customers and businesses a better tomorrow!
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Jianhu Jiangsu,China[0]
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