Date: 14 Aug 2009
 Type CYZ pump are used to deliver gas, kerosene diesel oil, etc. and the medium of tomperature with -20℃~ 80℃ .it is akind of load and unload oil pump in boat.And it is fitted in oil bunker,franker and of can be used to deliven seawafer fleash wcofer.
 This pump belongs to self-absorption centifugal oil pump, it's features are simple construction, easy operation .well moving convenient repairing high displace ment high efficiency wide application slope etc.
 The pump is composed of suction room store liquid room vortex room,liquid returning hole,gas adn liquid dividing roon etc. The pumps adopt the single row radial bal l bearings , and have the cooling room in the bottom of the bearing stand , and a seal ring is used between the high press and low press area in the pump. They adopt mechanical seals on shaft end.
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